Apparently college dropouts don't have enough education to write rhymes..

I just got done reading an article claiming that "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West was actually ghostwritten by a MC in chicago that Kanye West knew in the 90's. The article said Kanye West purchased it from him. According to the article, this could be trouble for Mr. West because it forefits all his grammy nominations. Another example of how great the entertainers that reign in the top 40 are.

On a side note, standing in line once on break from work, me and peet quist were at a Mcdonalds and saw a guy in baggy North Carolina gear in front of us ordering food. The guy had his headphones on while he was ordering food. They were blasting some weak flavor of the month rapper and it was so loud everybody around in line could hear it. As the employees got his food ready he bobbed his head ridiculousy to the music. I looked at Peet and at that moment he created the phrase "Sh*thopper". A "Sh*thopper" is someone who listens to horrible rap music such as Lil Flip, Ja Rule, anything on No-Limit or Cash Money records, or basically most everything that MTV plays. Also, a "Sh*thopper" tries to dress and act like he/she lives that same lifestyle even though they grew up in some fancy suburb.

With that said, I want the sh*thopper culture to die! Die, Die, Die! I want the clown from soultrain to come out with the broom and sweep these zombies off this stage called earth. I can't take it anymore! It could be the thing that annoys me more then anything in this world. Seeing people in throwback jerseys who probably don't even know who the player is walking all hard through Brookdale Mall trying to scare people in the Orange Julius line belting out some wack ass rapper with Lil' somewhere in his name. All sh*thoppers get the GAS FACE courtesy of me.

"Before you can break the rules, you have to learn the rules first." -Scott Koontz