Amerikkkas Most Wanted....

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Wow! The year was 1990 and I was just starting 7th grade. I met somebody who would be my best friend that year, his name was Joe Madden. He was a black person who went to my elementry school but I didn't really know him then. He came on that bus the first day and had headphones with a tape by Ice Cube called "Amerikkkas Most Wanted". He sat with me and gave me one of the headphones as he took the other. This album blew my frigging mind out! Back in the early 90's, Cube had just left NWA and was still in the political mindset that fueled his first efforts. Fuck dancing! Ice Cube wanted to show the suburbs what was going on in South Central Los Angeles. As Joe gave me those headphones he played the track "Endangered Species" featuring Chuck D. from Public Enemy. I was 12 years old and I heard the line..."You want to free africa I'll stare at ya'll cuz we don't have it too good in America." then.."the nine millimeter went straight to the temple." I had never heard this ever..it honestly changed my life! He had the song.."The N**ga you love to hate" where he said "Fu*k you Ice Cube". He knew people hated him because he was telling the truth and this truth would become true when the L.A. riots happened. After that, reporters looked at Ice Cube and Ice T as if they were some sort of profits who spoke like psychics of what was about to go down. I was honestly in culture shock! People get shot on the album, People get their car stolen at McDonalds in the drive threw, and it will definitely scare anybody who has never listened to hip hop. In the title track, Ice Cube states that he is "the bi*ch killer, Cop Killer". This blew my mind!

This album was a landmark in my musical history. For some reason I pulled it out tonight and I don't know why but I listened to it straight through! To this day I can rap along to about 90% of the album, but I have to give Travis his respect because he can recite the album from start to finish. This album should be a part of college history classes, as it would probably scare white bread america as much as it blowed my mind back in the day. I thank God that I got a chance to listen to this album when it came out and I reccomend it to everybody. It's sad that Ice Cube has become a Hollywood star and has made kid movies even! Just look at the picture above and buy "Amerikkkas Most Wanted", "Kill At Will", and "Death Certificate" and you will get a history class you never knew exsisted.

Mutherfu*k you and top 40.

Essential Ice Cube:
"The Ni**a You Love To Hate"
"Who's The Mack"
"Amerikkkas Most Wanted"
"Once Upon A Time In the Projects"
"Gangsters Fairytail"
"Jackin For Beats"
"Endagered Species"
"Get Off My D*** and tell Yo" B*** To Come Here Remix"
"Steady Mobbin"
"Givin Up the Nappy dugout"
"My Summer Vacation"
"True To The Game"
"Turn Off the radio"