Night Fever, Night Fever....

last night was interesting. My roomates father came over to invite us to dinner tonight and it turned into drinks and old stories. We kicked it for hours talking about old times, Mexico and bars past Ham Lake. We also got into a conversation about how many cd's we had and we found out that Anderson's dad has more discs then my roomate Jewett does. Got some interesting phone calls and text messeges too. One text messege from my friend April in all capital letters saying "I WANT TO WATCH GRAFFITTI BRIDGE NOW!!!". I also talked to Cody Stevens. Weird since I haven't spoken to him since Millers Bday. Turns out he talked to me via sattellite from Chicago. We're supposed to have a beer on New Years Eve.

Speaking of New Years Eve, I still have no idea what to do. I've heard Lyon's Pub thrown in the air and some other things, but we must decide quickly.

Can't believe benchwarmer bobs closed. My Benchwarmer Bob story has to be from 1991 or 92 when I went there with my parents and my roomates anderson and natzel for my bday. Bob Lurtsema himself came up to our table to wish me a happy one and while he was there reached onto my plate and grabbed like 5 french fries, used my ketchup and shoved them in his mouth. He said Happy Birthday and walked away.