I'm ain't the 1....

Went and saw Kip Blackshire at Bunkers last night. This cat is one of the funkiest mf's I've ever seen. He plays his own stuff which includes a funky jam called "Another Day" that Prince wrote for him. Besides his own stuff he did covers of "Release Yourself" by Graham Central Station and "Just Friends" by Musiq. He is definitley worth checking out and I will be going again. Ran into a lot of people I know their too. Some from High school, some from Paisley Park parties, some from random parties. Also saw Jellybean Johnson of the Time and Michael Bland, former drummer of the New Power Generation checking out the show.

A year ago Peet Quist got me into a band called The Black Keys. I must say their new album "Rubber Factory" is some of the funkiest blues rock soul I've ever heard. I really dig the lead singers voice. he's got a lot of soul.

Ever had a night where you had a couple beers and decided to make a phone call? Yep that was me last night. I regret the messege but I guess the truth is on the table.

I'm ain't the one.