Ralph Nader 2004

Declair your independence!!!!

Nader/Camejo 2004

Vote 4 what you believe in not what you fear!

-Stop illegal Iraq Occupation: get peace with justice by accelarrating true Iraqi soverignty!

-Fight Corporate Crime and abuse: exact personal responsibility from all corporate wrongdoers

-Reform the failed justice system and prison system : savings sh√łuld go to education.

-Repeal Patriot Act: restore civil liberties that you give sayj.

-Implement Universal Health Care: the United States is still the only western democracy without it.

-Enact true taxation: end the joy ride of the wealtiest corporations and super rich.

-Invest in America: repair decaying infastructure and provide good jobs.

-Fund human needs: over militarism and corporate greed.

-Fund civic education: millions of children are left behind every year.

-Redesign war on drugs: rehabillitation is non-violent and reduces demand.

-De-concentrate the Media: public airwaves belong to everybody!

-Enforce civil rights AND ECONOMIc rights for Minorities: discrimination is not the American way!