Want You To Burn Me Baby and Cover Your Eyes With My Ashes...

What's been going down......

-My grandfather died on Saturday R.I.P. Rudie Baack

-I've been banned from ever staying in a Grandstay Suites Hotel in the Continental United States. Now I feel like a rock star.

-I've been staying by myself in a different location for the last 3 days so don't think I died or something.

-I lost 5 lbs. in a week.

-I can't wait for the weekend.

-I've been reading the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth lately and I found a passage that says to judge others is totally wrong, but three pages later I found a passage that says if you see someone sinning, you should put them down for it? What's the deal with that? The Church Of The Final Judgement makes some interesting points like this in the early Funkadelic linear notes. Mostly about loving your enemies.