Say no if you want a drug other than the God above...

2006 is out the door. New Years weekend started fantastically with a party thrown by some Prince friends in the VIP room at First Ave. ! Attended it with my friend April. After finding a table and a couple drinks, I asked my friend April if she had seen who was buying a drink next to her at the bar? It was Jellybean Johnson, the drummer for The Time! I went up and asked him if he'd have a problem if my friend April came up and said hello since she had become a huge fan in the last few years. He said that was no problem at all and was very friendly to us. He talked with us for a few minutes saying he had to be on a flight to Atlantic City at 5 am the next day to play with The Time. Everybody there was dancing which was also cool. Heard songs by Prince, The Time, Vanity 6, The Family and Sheila E. Had a very good time.

New Years Eve was probably one of the most least fun and average that I've had in awhile. We all went and saw Hookers and Blow at Lee's Liquor Lounge. For some reason they didn't make me pay a cover but made the two friends I showed up with. I did a little dancing on the dancefloor. Met some people I haven't met before and got dissed by a lady, but oh well.

New Years Day for some reason I woke up at 8am and me and The Bird hopped in my friend Aprils car and went bowling with her mom in Andover. Had a real good time!

Spent the next day thinking about a lot of things in my life. I think 2006 will be a very great year for me! I ended the year 2005 probably the most angry I've ever been in my life since Junior High School. I thought about that for most of the day January 2nd and came to the conclusion that there are things and people that probably need to be cut out of the blueprint of my life for me to be happy and view my role in eternity clearly. It will probably not be an easy thing to do, but it must be done.

Hope everybody has a great 2006!