I know you got soul.....if you didn't you wouldn't be in here...

I don't know how we did it, but me and JBird (Jason Christian) turned the biggest dump faux club in Brooklyn Center (Jams Nightclub) into the biggest party of the weekend. We tore the frigging dancefloor up so hard from "Jungle Love" by The Time to "Joy and Pain" by Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock. There was a point where we got 10 women to form a circle with us and took turns calling a new person into the middle to show everybody what they got for moves. We even pulled a Kid N Play foot dance out at once point and a couple of chilli sauces! I have decided that we are the charter members of the S.T.D.'s (Super Terrific Dancers Crew).

Looking foreward to next Friday for the second NPGMUSICCLUB party.

Looking foreward to The Barstool Open Feb. 11th now that Lady and The Tramps have registered. (that's our team)

I have been bumping "Make Up" by Vanity 6 since 6pm last night. Way to funky/dirty song. Why this album ain't popular on the electro-funk circuit is beyond me.

If any DJ's or Bar Owners read this page, why can't you just have one night where you play 80's and 90's electro funk? Just one funkin' night man? I know you have your watered down funk nights where you play "Celebration" by Kool and The Gang , "Flashlight" by Parliament, and funky stuff everybody and there mamma has heard at whatever meat market crap hole bar every mediocre trendy bitch has been to? But come on! Experiment a little! In England BBE records throws deep funk nights all the time at clubs. Maybe I'll have to look into what it would cost to throw something like this and promote it?

A quote to go with this..
"Nobody 's into your music but yourself kid." - Bill Sparks to Prince in "Purple Rain"

A question...

Would you sell your soul or contradict yourself to get into a V.I.P. room?