Hypodermically shooting up your feelings...

I was checking out some online auctions today trying to find some old hip hop cd's I used to have in high school and sold or lost for whatever reason. Some of them including Kokane "Funk Upon A Rhyme", Masta Ace "Slaughtahouse", and K-Dee. I cannont find these albums online for less then 55 dollars!? Are there really collectors out there that will pay this much for these albums? I was tempted once to pay 35 dollars for "Kill My Landlord" by The Coup but didn't.

Also, Travis will be kind of amped that for some reason I had that rapper Goldy that you discovered back in high school in my head. I believe the album was called "Goldy In The Land Of Funk"? He was produced by Ant Banks (Yes, the big baddass) and I remember that album being pretty funky. I still have the 12 inch vinyl single for "Whipped Cream, Nuts, and Cherries" and I remember it having like 3 bsides? I'm gonna look for that one too.