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Derr Hunting 2004_0324
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Not much to report lately except that it's been a hell of a week at work. Went to Nye's and Stazuis for Millers bday last saturday and had a decent time even though Nye's was a little crowded and spendy.

I looked into something kind of fonkey for the anniversary of my day of birth. Check here for an announcement hopefully soon. I promise this year I will stay the entire time if you come.

No plans as of yet for this weekend except for going to see that Johnny Cash movie with my moms on Saturday afternoon.

I am really digging the new Nine Inch Nails album recently. The transition in the middle of the first track sounds like Sunday morning and I like that.

Can't believe tonight is my friday allready. Time for another friday pixie run in the morning for a tilt and some blue ribbons!