JD's Gafflin'.....

First of all found this blog dedicated to all things 80's music. It's surprising how deep they get. Sh*t, I read a post about Donny Iris on there and I downloaded some Donny Iris mp3's from there today. "Ah! Leah!" is jamming on my mac right now! Jake, you might find this site interesting....


Second, I think if there was one rapper who actually really scares me, it would have to be Willie D. of the Geto Boys. I have thought this since about 7th or 8th grade when I first heard the Geto Boys on the bus to Jackson Junior High. My friend Joe Madden brought the tape of "We Can't Be Stopped" and Willie D. actually kind of scared me. Of course you had Scarface who sounds kind of pissed. Then you had Bushwick Bill who wore a Chuckie doll around his neck and got shot in the eye by his girlfriend because he didn't want to kill himself because he thought he wouldn't get into heaven. But for some reason, Willie D. scared me. I don't know if it was the way he kind of yells when he raps or if it was that he wore a black leather coat and a black leather fadora hat and always had a dark blank expression on his face like nothing could break him and he'd destroy you because living in 5th Ward Houston he had nothing to lose. I remember I had a Willie D. solo tape single called "F*ck Rodney King" back in those days. In the song he talks about how he wanted to shoot Rodney King because he was tired of seeing him on T.V. talking everyday. What brought this post up was I was listening to a St. Ides commercial with The Geto Boys and Ice Cube and he literally sounds believeably pissed when he rhymes.

Me thinks i'm going to buy one of those Sony Bean Mp3 players tommorow. Even though I am a huge mac fan, i've heard too many horror stories of Ipods, plus this ones cheaper than the shuffle and holds more songs.

See you all someday.