I know who you been sockin' it too...

Pretty fun weekend this past weekend. Came to the conclusion that the nickname of moonman should probably be passed on to a certain roomate of mine. Finally made it to the Shouthouse downtown. Actually a very fun place. They played "Purple Rain" and "7" on the piano! Since I can't really think of anything at the moment, I thought I'd just post about my recent selection of records that I have been constantly spinning...

Ohmega Watts "The Find"...Great new hip hop album with beats reminiscent to pete rock and Tribe.

Ryan Adams "Jacksonville City Nights"/"Cold Roses"....I don't know what it is, but somehow I became a huge Ryan Adams fan. "Cold Roses" is probably my favorite Adams release at the moment, but "Jacksonville City Nights" is cool for just laying back and hanging out.

D'angelo "Voodoo"....I pulled this off the shelf recently because I wanted to hear "Devils Pie" after reading the article on Dj Premier at The Low End Theory blog. "the root" is on constant rotation in my car at the moment.

Gangstarr "Daily Operation".....I almost wish I had a copy of this album with just the instrumentals. I think dj premier makes some of the dirtiest, raw beats in the game. Listening to the intro and then "The place where we dwell" gets me amped. I also love the scratches on "B.Y.S."

Big Daddy Kane......I've been on a total Kane kick lately. On Friday before a bunch of us went out, there was about 10 people hanging out at the house and I threw on "I get the job done" and "Warm it up Kane". It got everybody to move something! Of course "Set It Off" and "Ain't No Half Steppin" get played constantly too.