Nights like this I wish..that raindrops would fall...

Had one of the most laid back weekends ever last weekend. Friday night consisted of me and my roomates Natz and Ando going to the Godfathers going away party. The plan was to go to Ghastoffs for Oktoberfest after that, but for some reason, Ando and his car decided to bring us to Time Out in Blaine. Kind of a wack bar in my opinion. Around 3pm on Saturday, I decided to just lay down and watch some Hellavision but that turned into me sleeping untill about 9pm and then sleeping again untill 8:30 am the next morning. I guess it's good because I probably needed the sleep. Watched the Vikings look even more horrible Sunday afternoon. What an embarassment they are. I can't even stand hardly watching them anymore. I wonder why when Culpeps plays that horrible, that they don't throw Brad in? Oh well, I'll still probably watch every game anyways.

Work has been kind of hellish this week so far. It usually is the first of the month around there, but this is kind of crazy. A bunch of overtime though which is nice. Hopefully this weekend will be nicer.