I love your friends..they're all so arty oh yeah.....

I purchased the new Franz Ferdinand album on Tuesday due to the fact that I really like the single and I heard snippets of a few other songs. I must say that I really dig it! I didn't know they were so funky. "this boy" makes my foot heavy on my cars gas pedal for some reason. I actually like the whole album. Maybe I'll have to check out the first. I am also really digging The Cars lately for some reason. Maybe it's the lack of funk coming out lately and my mind is wandering. I have been spinning all of the RUN DMC reissues as of lately also. Mostly "Tougher Than Leather though. "They Call Us RUN DMC" is my cut. That beat is fire. Really, really, really looking forward to DANGER DOOM next week! The cut I heard with Talib Kweli and MF DOOM rapping about Saturday morning cartoons back in the day is fantastic. I love MF DOOM.