The Funky Drummer...

Check out the new website by the former drummer of the NPG and who Prince once said was the "best drummer in the world". www.michaelbland.org

Michael B. kicked the Sh*t out of The Gold Experience album and was amazing to watch on that tour. Just listen to the beginning of "SHHH" and tell me that's not one of the best drum intros of all time. Michael B. plays in a lot of local mpls bands like Sons of Allmighty, Dr. Mambo's Combo, Soul Asylum and Paul Westerbergs touring band. I reccomend checking out Sons Of Allmighty to anyone who digs The Gold Experience being that it consists of not only Michael, but Sonny T. and Tommy Barberella of that era NPG. The album has that same sound with Julius Collins on vocals and Jeff Lee Johnson (Soulquarians) on guitar.