Daylight comes and exposes, saturdays, bruises and cold roses...

Totally digging the new Ryan Adams and The Cardinals album "Jacksonville City Nights"! "Games" is my cut. While listening to this album, I can almost smell empty whiskey glasses and ashtrays. Definitely my kind of album. If you dig The Flying Burrito Brothers, you'd definitely dig this!

I emailed a Star Tribune writer today about a blurb he wrote in todays paper about The Lounge having a 70's funk night on Mondays. Told him that it will probably be the same old Wild Cherry and disco era Kool and The Gang songs (yawn) that have been played over and over. I then went into a rant about about deep funk, soul, and underground disco and how in england they have nights where they spin that sh*t constantly. Maybe they'll print my letter and some small bar or club will read it and let me bring my records to play. I'd definitely bump "Liquid Liquid" by Cavern every night.