9:30 gettin' dressed Ihad a couple sips of wine..oooo I swear 2 god my suit was hangin' fine..

One more night of work utill the freakin' weekend. Tommorow I will go on a qwest to Emmit's shoes on Washington Ave. to hopefully find the holy grail of Stacy's. For the squares, Stacy's stands for a brand of shoe called Stacy Adams that are so damn smooth and funky, you can't help but snap your fingers. If Morris Day wears Stacy's, I wear Stacy's! Check out the collection at www.stacyadams.com.

I don't know what it is, but I can't sleep anymore. I get home from work and putz around designing things on my mac, watching reruns of "The Office", listening to records or stare into the middle of the ceiling from my bed. Maybe it's my new found love of coffee at work? Speaking of which...

I frigging love coffee. I never drank coffee willingly in my life untill I went to my friend April's cabin. I used to complain about the smell and taste up untill now. Now I find myself driving to Super America every Friday-Sunday morning to buy a large Vanilla latte'. God I sound like a fu*king pu**y.

Hope to see everybody this weekend.