Style don't get drunk on Saturday night.....

Worked outside for the whole day at the Farm today and it was a rough one. Worked with my homie Todd aka Fresh from the breakdance crew FreshElectric. Pulled bricks out of the ground and replaced them in the blistering heat. Get to do it all over again tommorow. Got to go to the all city employee picknik though with T-Bone, Dave, and Fresh. Came home and did a gigantic cannonball in the pool.

Word has it that Jesse "Red" Lind applied for the open part-time crew chief job. I guess he wants a crew spot if he doesn't get it. Guess who's back. I mean sh*t, everybody comes back right?

Had a job interview this evening with a company called McKesson in Little Canada Minnesota. Supposedly they are a great company according to my roomate Natz. Interview went extremely well. They even let me try out the computer I'd be using if I get hired. He told me that I'd have to go through a second interview if they select me, but he told me that i'd probably be getting a call about that in a couple days. I think he was pretty impressed with my software knowledge/computer experience. Best part about the job is that I'd get Fridays and Saturdays as my days off, plus the pay is much, much nicer then what I make now. Also, it only takes me 15 minutes to get there from our house.

I'm not a big fan of some of Trent Reznor's lyrics or some of his beliefs but I have to admit I am really digging his new single "Only". What a damn funky groove! Heard it on XM Radio last night and I might have to pick this up off of Itunes. The bassline is just crazy.