She broke it off like a Toblerone, like an overgrown child with no home but a mobile phone...

Warning...this post may contain a boring rant.....

I was thinking about the camping trip I went on this weekend and one of the conversations I had with one of the ladies kind of irks me in a way. Granted, I think the whole police thing ruined the mood with them that we had going the first night. I started talking to her about music. One of the reasons I love the movie "High Fidelity" so much is that I feel I can relate to John Cusaks character in the way that he judges people based on their interests in music. I tend to do that a lot, which is wrong, but being a person who appreciates the art in things I tend to look for that in other people. At one point I asked her what her favorite musician was and she said she likes a lot of things. I asked her if she liked Prince and she said "Hell No". I told her my favorite things about him and she asked why I would like him and that it's wrong to like people that make that kind of money. I told her I didn't worship him and explained that I felt he is one of the greatest musicians in history and a true artist. I also tried to say that if you make a great record that 1 million people want to buy and you sell it for a dollar, you probably deserve that 1 million dollars. She told me I was wrong and made some comment about how I should become a fan of other people and walked away. Granted she was a lot crabbier then the day before, but still it made me angry.

I just can't understand why people put up with such mediocrity today? You have artists that are fantastic and end up only making one or two albums because they get swept under the carpet of all this ambercrombie punk and popcorn label music. Rhasaan Paterson made one of the best R'N'B' albums of the year but I think me and Travis are the only two people that will ever hear it. And I probably would have never heard it unless Travis played it for me.

I think the people that listen to true music are a dying breed and I guess that's a double edge sword. Granted, it's kind of cool to have an underground crew that digs the sh*t and it kind of irked me that all the sudden everybody wanted to go check out Prince during the Musicology tour even though I was checking out late night rehearsals at Paisley Park back in 98-2000 when no one gave a sh*t about the music he was making. Oh well, whatever.

I forgot to mention that one of us who went on the camping trip, who will remain nameless, got arrested that night. (no it was not me) but he got out of jail yesterday and kicked it at our place for a bit. He gave me a hello by jumping on me and biting me on the back which was kind of awkward. Nice to see he's back and hope everything goes ok for him.

After I got off of work today I bumped "Since I Left You" by The Avalances. I really dig this record and I think a lot of people would dig it too. One review said it was similar to to "Pauls Boutique" by The Beastie Boys because of all the weird samples they use and how they use them. The sample everything from "Holiday" by Madonna to "Tell Me If You Need It Again" by the Isley Brothers to a De La Soul song. The sample list takes up a whole sleeve of the cd jacket. I reccomend it to anyone.

A few things....

Thanks to erik for calling my life "Defining Fun" on his site www.crapfullyyours.com...I'm still leaving your son all of my Prince albums when I die.

where the hell is Travis and Cornelious?

"The Night My Girlfriend Left Me" by Prince Paul f/MC Paul Barman is one of the most haunting songs i've ever heard and I love it even though the low end theory blog hated on MC Paul Barmans verse.

I can't decide if "just like heaven" or "Mint Car" is my favorite Cure song. I know both will be played at my wedding during the part where everybodys waiting for the wedding party if I ever get married which I probaby won't. The last time I was in a wedding they played jazzy type stuff during that moment. I'm going to have a mix of nothing but funky type stuff during that moment. It will probably be topped off with me telling the dj to turn the houselights down and playing funky music cuz I just want everybody to dance and there ain't nothing to look at on stage.

This blog is getting boring with no pictures. We had a camera camping so hopefully I will have some pictures to share soon. If not, Foreston Fun Days is this weekend and you know I'll have a camera in hand. Plus, Scotties bachelor party, "the Return of drunk scotty", will definitely have some kodak moments.

That is all for now.