The Return of the Spaced Cowboy....

Got back from Foreston Fun Days at 5 am this morning. Another year of absolute craziness and mischeif. Me and Jewett went up by ourselves on Friday night and started off the evening with a Brandy Seven. Went to the street dance and tore it up. Ended up waking up at 6 am Saturday morning for some reason. Welcomed the sun with an ice cold pabst blue ribbon. Woke up one of the doods from the night before that was staying at the same house we were at. We caught a ride from a random guy on a four wheeler who drove us to the softball games. Got squirted with a firehose from the fire truck during the parade! Ended up going swimming in the afternoon and got yelled at for doing a gigantic belly flop for the kids that were swimming. Went to the second street dance last night and had a blast. Met a lot of people including one girls dad who told me he had his eye on me after he saw me talk to his daughter. After the dance I followed some people I met to a crazy house party. Some 17 year old kid tried to tell me that the band Dream Theatre is the savior of music and if I listen to one of their guitar solos I'll be hooked. There was a scary moment when whoever's house it was came up to me and asked what the hell I was doing there. I politely said thanks and left. On my walk home I noticed that the people a couple houses down from where we were staying were having a party so I stopped in. Met some really cool people and paid two dollars for a keg glass. Ended up getting back to my lodging at 4 am where I ran into my roomate Ando who was trying to sleep in the back of his car but couldn't. He asked if I wanted to go home so we hit the road at 4 am this morning. Took a lot of pictures that I'm getting developed as soon as I use the last 7 shots so I should have pictures soon.

When I got home today I found out my roomate Natzel found this thing online and now he has like 50 old school Nintendo games on his playstation 2. Me and Jewett tore up Contra, played Baseball Stars, Mike Tyson's Punch Out and i'm about to play some Super Mario All Stars. Good stuff.