I was hanging with Cody and Steve Miller last night, and Cody told me about this photography exhibit at the Minnesota Center Of Photography called "Musicapolis: Music in Minneapolis 1965-2005". Well I looked it up today and it looks pretty cool. It's photos taken in those years of bands that have played here. Not just local groups like Prince and The Replacements, but bands like The Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello when they played Minneapolis. I definitely want to check it out. It runs untill September 3rd.

Got a call about a second interview for the job at McKesson!!!! I really want this job bad so hopefully I can impress them.

I had one of the strangest dreams I've ever had in my entire life last night. I dreamt that I was at my grandmother and grandfathers house and every woman i've ever known in my entire life was there. The weird thing was, they were all pregnant. Not by me, but just pregnant. Then when I actually woke up this morning, my head was at the opposite end of the bed. I went to bed facing the T.V. but woke up facing the wall. Maybe I levitated or something?