Battlestar Galactica.........

Went camping in Taylors Falls for my roomate Jewett's birthday this weekend and it was an adventure that made me laugh, made me cry, made me tan and left me with some battle scars. It started off with us pulling into our campground seeing families and kids everywhere. There was also a sign that said "Quiet time 10:30pm. This scared us since it was half of the wack pack and the extended wack pack family. The night was crazy fun sitting around the fire playing some drinking games. Over the course of the night we ended up getting four warnings from campground security. When the guard came to our site to give us the fourth warning, we were in a circle having a freestyle battle which must have impressed the guard pretty good. About a half hour after hitting the sack, I woke up to a flashlight in my face and of course it was two police officers. They made us all get out of our tents and checked our licenses. They told us we were not welcome there anymore and they were escorting us off the property. So I get into the back of the squad car with the jbird and slatty and since I had just woke up, I had one sock on and one bare foot. The two girls who were with us were allowed to get their bags out of their tents and all of there belongings. I asked the cop since I was wearing one dirty sock could I get out and get my shoes. He replied..NO! They dropped us off at a motel in taylors falls and made us stay there.

After that fiasco, we found a new campsite which was much better and more our style. Went swimming all day on Saturday and played some hardcore bocce ball. Stopped into a saloon in St.Croix Falls and had a pretty good time. I somehow acquired another new nickname which is Zoltar. I have no idea why, but apparently besides the moonman, I am Zoltar. Besides the cop thing, it was a great time.

Much respect to Joey Bobo.