There'll be sad songs....to make you cry.....

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So last night before me and Hill went out, we heard "Carribean Queen" by Billy Ocean on xm and talked about how Billy was one of the coolest mf's ever with some pretty smooth songs. Then we wondered what the hell happened to him? In the 80's he had a bunch of hits. "Get outta my dreams", "Loverboy", "when the going gets tough", etc. Well I looked it up today and I noticed a lot of other people had wondered this too. Turns out he got into drugs and ended up going to prison. Now he lives in Trinidad and has huge dreds and a big beard.

Anyway, last night was one hell of a fun time. Me and Hill went downtown by ourselves without any real plan of where to go at all and it turned out being pretty wild. We'd just make spur of the moment decisions on where to go. Started out at Harvey's and left early due to hearing two m.j. techno remix's. Then just started walking past block e and ran into former farmer Julius Stokes. Crossed the street and met two new friends that seem pretty cool. After talking with the new friends outside, we heard a pretty good band playing at Gluek's. They were an 80's cover band, but pretty good. We ended up meeting more new people there which was cool. After that walked to the Lion's Pub and requested "Cool" by The Time. After the bar closed we went to Luce and had a nice slice of za. Nothing but good times!