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A couple weeks ago, I told two of my roomates a story from the week before that I forgot to tell them before. Well, they didn't believe me and one of them called me "Moonman". The other one laughed and they just kept saying Moonman in a funny voice over and over again.

Fast foreward to this past week. When I got home from the bbq, I was a little tipsy and the next day they called me moonman and said I was in a galaxy far far away. So now whenever I walk into this house, they call me moonman. So I guess that's my new nickname. I frigging hate it, but there's no way I'm going to ever get rid of it. All day yesterday they made up things to go with it such as the next time I open my first beer, I have to say "Blast off".

I get all this for a true story I told and for being a little tipsy.

Damn moonman.