Uptown Is Dead and Monday is Funking Me Hard...

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Went to Uptown this morning after work to hang out untill Electric Fetus opened and all I can say is that it is dead. Uptown is so wack now it is unbelievable. It is nothing close to the Uptown Prince sang about on the "Dirty Mind" album and not the same as it was when I used to venture there back a few years ago. Uptown is infested by couples that drive Mercedes, name their dog "Java",and think Van Morrison's "Moondance" is a hip album to play to get the night going. Plus they all wear emo glasses. F*ck Uptown and their Miami style clubs too!

In other news I picked up "The Kings of Funk" today! Rza's selections are kind of bland but Keb Darge comes through with some heavy funk! Man, his disc is crazy.

Also picked up Roy Ayers "Virgin Ubiquity: Unreleased Recordings". Very smooth/funky album. The checkout guy at Electric Fetus gave me props for buying it and told me to check out the new "Midwest Funk" collection and I told him.."Allready got it at home man" to which he replied..."Sweet."

The final album I picked up was a gamble and I picked it up because I heard him on XM Radios college station. I picked up Har Mar Superstars new album. I didn't know this guy was this funky! Some crazy synth funk on this disk. "Cut You Up" is crazy and sounds like something off of Beck's "Midnight Vultures".

Read a review of the upcomming Nine Inch Nails album and it sounds interesting. They described one song as a "Billy Jean beat with Prince esqe spoken word lyrics." I wouldn't doubt it since Reznor sampled Prince on "Head Like A Hole". I really dig Reznors music but I hate about 3/4 of his lyrics. Oh well..I"m interested to hear it anyways.

St. Patricks Day is awaiting me.