Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin'.....

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"You know I'm clean....and on the scene..excuse me cat while I rap.."

I don't know what it is lately but I've been in a total soul mode with my wrekord spinning. Maybe it was news that Prince put a new band together and has been playing nothing but soul covers and one new song every night for celebrities at his new hollywood home or maybe it's after stopping by my parents yesterday I grabbed a couple of my Al Green discs? Or maybe it was that I randomly played "I Got Some" by Sugar Billy Garner the other day after not playing it for about a year? Whatever the case, listening to some old deep soul cuts like Al Green's "Ain't No Fun To Me" puts me in a greasy mood that makes me feel like i'm "Standing On The Top" like the Super 3 said back in the day. It makes me feel like the jankiest m.f. in the club and makes me feel like every woman I've ever had a thing for is standing in front of me and the songs are interpeting my thoughts of how they did me wrong. Whatever it is..I can dig it.

By the way, I picked up the new Kings Of Leon cd thanks to recomendation from Jake and I read a great review about it in People magazine. I am digging it so far. I know the lead singers voice will take a minute to grow on me, but some of the songs are fire anyways. More on this later and more news about future rhythm at 7200.