St. Patricks Day Massacre.....

What a crazy night. It was the crew of me, ando, april, kristy and her boyfriend sean. Started off at O'donnovans pub in Minneapolis. That place was a dissaster and was soooooo packed it was uncomfortable. Ran into Bobby. You'd think they'd have deals on beer for St.patricks day but they charged 6 bucks a glass! After waiting about an hour to use the restroom, me and ando decided it was time to leave. Went to a bar I will leave nameless and ando and I did 2 Irish Car Bombs which probably wasn't a good idea. Then went to Harvey's and kicked it with Travis and Lori for awhile. After that is kind of a blur. Ended up at Old Chicago??? for some reason. Was kind of wack and got a call from Ando, who was back at the nameless bar. I walked over there and kicked it with him and some people for awhile. Then got a ride home and fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Somehow I managed to wake up at 6 am and decided that I needed to listen to my Cure cd all morning. "just like heaven" is an underrated classic. Seems too short of a song though, but moments of euphoria never seem to last long enough.

Thank you's...
HUGE THANK YOU to Travis for hooking us up at Harveys!
Thank you to Kristy and Sean for driving us there and back!
Thank you to my mom for cab money that we used to buy shots! (sorry)
thank you for lettin' me be mice elf again.
Thank you for everything.