Future Rhythm at 7200 Thursday Night...


"Ain't No Fun To Me" Al Green
"I Know Who, You Been Sockin' It To" Isley Brothers
"I Can't Stand Myself(when you touch me)" James Brown
"Rock Steady" Aretha Franklin
"Baby I Love You" Aretha Franklin
"Don't Sweat The Technique" Eric B. and Rakim
"Swazzee" Freddie Fox aka Bumpy Knuckles
"I Got Some" Sugar Billy Gardner
"Memphis Soul Stew" King Curtis
"Razz" Kings Of Leon
"Tell Me What It Is" Graham Central Station
"Strobelight Honey" Black Sheep
"In The Meantime" Black Sheep
"Which Way Is Up" Stargard
"I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (acoustic from musicology tour)" Prince
"Remember Who You Are" Sly Stone
"Crossword Puzzle" Sly Stone