Discotheque Dancing.....

After work today I finally picked up a stack of CDR's so I can start making some mixes again. Decided tonight to put a mix cd together. It would probably be more of a mix cd ep since I kept it to ten songs. All stuff I 've been spinning a lot lately. Short and sweet. I have named it Discotheque Dancing..

Discotheque Dancing
1. I don't think we've met - Nikka Costa
2. I got my mind made up - Instant Funk
3. E-Pro - Beck
4. A part in that show - Chris Joss
5. Crossword Puzzle - Sly Stone
6. Not tonight - Macho
7. It looks like love - Vincent Montana Jr. f/ Goody Goody
8. World of soul - James Brown
9. Make Me Happy - Cooly's Hot Box
10. Don't you worry bout' a thing - Stevie Wonder

and no Macho is not that Macho Man. It's a 80's underground disco group.

Went out for my friend April's Bday last night with Jewett and Ando. Pretty good times.

Can't wait untill friday. Me and Ando are going to Spanish Harlem to get some gear for Hookers and Blow and it will be the jam.

For some reason tonight, me ando and jewett watched a two hour documentry that followed four professional scrabble players and their journey to the U.S. Championships. Sounds boring but it was actually pretty interesting and hillarious at the same time. Jewett has the Tivo set to record the Russian Bride documentry on Monday. Got to love Discovery channel.

For all interested there is a wrekord show on Sunday at the VFW in Uptown. It's fun to go there and walk through the giant clouds of smoke coming from the cigs in all the record collectors mouths as they page patiently through boxes and boxes of new and used vinyl. It seems as though most people who attend are music snobs sort of like myself. I tried talking to a guy who had a Prince video in his hand while we were waiting in line and he first blew me off and was kind of an asshole. Then he saw I had a "emancipation" shirt on and started asking me all these questions about Paisley Park. Everybody thinks they know more then you about records and such. But it's always cool to dig through the live shows on cd and dvd.

Untill next time....