Working 4 The Weekend..

I have never wanted a weekend to come so bad in my life. Can't wait for the Farm Holiday Party on Friday. Don't know what the rest of the farm crew is planning for the affair or who might or might no show up for that matter. I don't even know if i'm bringing a guest yet. I can't attend the sexual harassement meeting but I read on the agenda that you will all be talking about the holiday party so someone will have to inform me. I heard yesterday that all the catering captains are attending and Kramer is coming too. I guess they don't have to work it if they come or whatever.

Saturday will be absolutely banannas! Turns out two other people who I know through people are celebrating their bdays that night also and have decided to hit the Fine Line with us. Which means we will probably own the joint.

I decided that my favorite candy is Mint Hersheys Kisses. I ate 3,000 of them at work last night.

I decided I like egg nog too.