Hoodz Come In Dozens....

Went to St. Clone last Friday and had a great time. Hotel was fantastic and in a great location. Partied it up and the hotel and then hit D.B.s and the Red Carpet. Met a new friend who called me yesterday. Here's the best highlights of the trip...

-Miller accidently kicking his stool halfway across the bar making everyone in the bar go silent and tremble in fear of him.

-Seeing an old friend from college's name carved in the stall from his 21st bday in one of the bars.

-Dancing on the techno dancefloor.

-Hanging in the Red room at the Red Carpet with N8 and Miller listening to 80's hits.

-Jake telling me there should be a Prince Christmas album with one of the cuts being "I saw mommy funking santa claus".

-The ride back from Perkins.

In other news, check this site late Wednesday night/Thursday morning for a poster explaining a future happening. Look for the 7200blog coming very very soon!

Lastly, if any ladies out there want to be my date to the Earle Brown Heritage Center Christmas Party..leave a comment.