Saw the new Prince video for "Cinnamon Girl". It's actually pretty good for Prince standards. Usually his videos are based on his live performance so it just usually shows him performing, but this video tells a story and actually looks pretty cool. I think this will be a good single for him.

On Friday i'm going to see an old kung-fu movie that some people dubbed in dj's mixing to it. It's at the Oak Street Cinema. Should be a good time.

Vikings won which is great.

I can't stop playing "Innervisions" by Stevie Wonder.

Can't wait to get my new De La Soul cd in the mail next week which is coming with a bonus extra disc of unreleased cuts from the new album.

Two of my roomates are going to Atlanta thursday so that leaves me and my roomate Jeff home alone for the weekend. It seems everytime that happens, something mischevious ends up happenening. We'll see.