Messin' my mind with the Eye Patch.....

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. Work is hell. But i'm back, the aristacratic black, my roof ain't got no crack, but i've got a hell of a band. With that said...i've seen mixed emotions from others about the party I attended last Friday. All I can say is I actually had a lot of fun. Had very interesting and entertaining conversations with the acne girl, vegan caterer, and the short haired girl who went to denny's with us afterwards. Even the guy who stood outside all night and said he couldn't stand anybody at the party said I was the only one he could stand after I asked what he was so mad about. I need to start remembering names. The funniest moment of the night had to be when I spied a certain party-goer from all the way across the house slipping a large Digerno pizza under his shirt or maybe it was when Miller told vegan caterer "Whoah..looks like you spilled on your shirt a little." It was mean but hillarious. One last thing..Why where there two pictures of Peet Quist on their fridge with hearts around them????

Well, I broke my promise about posting 10 a day about the funk list so I''m just going to post them all later tonight.

I took Saturday off this week due to the f.f. draft, so I start a four day weekend today. I need one after last week. I allready have 40 hours at that place and it's only Wednesday. Man!