Don't need no refer..don't need cocaine..purple music does the same to my brain..i'm high..

Well Well...another message from somebody I don't know from Texas who is a Prince fan. Thank you for coming here.

I amped for this weekend. Staying at a hotel by mall of america thursday night and hitting the weak mall of america clubs. Then going from Bloomington to Mankato Friday morning to check out the Minnesota Vikings training camp. Me and a friend have been planning this for about three years now and it's finally going to happen. Can't wait to see Brock Lesnar in action.

I was reading Jake's site and he is doing his top 100 albums of all time. I might just have to steal that idea and give you all mine. Since i'm tired and just got home from work, I'll give you the top 5 in no particular order...

1. "Sign O' The Times" Prince key track: "Adore"
2. "There's a riot goin' on" Sly and the Family Stone key track "Poet"
3. "Revolution of the mind" James Brown key track: "Make it Funky"
4. "Release Yourself" Graham Central Station key track: "I Believe In You"
5. "Fear of a Black Planet" Public Enemy key track: "Fight The Power"

the rest of the list will come wednesday or thursday.

I'd like to give an anniversary of your bday shotout to Quade. Don't drink no Jagermeister.

Oh yeah, went to my new church for the first time last Sunday and got to say that I really dig it. People are very cool and they gave me a dozen cookies.