50 Funkiest Albums.....

Here are the 50 funkiest albums chosen by me. With exception to the top 10, these albums are in no particular order.

50.Eagles of Death Metal "Love Peace Death Metal" key track: "Whorehoppin"
49.Playgroup "Playgroup" key track: "Number One"
48.Graham Central Station "Mirror" key track: "Do yah"
47.Nikka Costa "Everybody Got their Somethin'" key track: "Like a Feather"
46.Pharoah Sanders "Karma" key track: "The Creator Has a Masterplan"
45.Miles Davis "In a Silent Way: key track: "The Ghetto Walk"
44.Digital Underground "Future Rhythm" key track: "Hella Bump"
43.Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame key track: "You meet my approval"
42.Prince "Come" key track: "Race"
41.Betty Davis "Anti-Love Song" key track: "Anti-Love Song"
40.Ohio Players "Pain" key track: "Players Balling"
39.Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information" key track: "Inspiration Information
38.Stevie Wonder "Music of my Mind" key track: "I love having you around"
37.Sly Stone "Small Talk" key track: "Loose Booty"
36.Funkadelic "Funkadelic" key track: "Mommy..whats a funkadelic"
35.Parliament "Trombipulation" key track: "Let's Play House"
34.Praxis "Transmutation" key track: "Animal Behavior"
33.Bootsy's Rubber Band "Player of the year" key track: "Roto-Rootor"
32.The Time "The Time" key track: "Cool"
31.Talking Heads "Remain in Light" key track: "Once in a Lifetime"
30.Dj Shadow/Cut Chemist "Brainfreeze" key track "Set 1"
29.Sly Stone "Back on The Right Track" key track "Remember who you are"
28.James Brown "In The Jungle Groove" key track "Funky Drummer"
27.Ice Cube "Death Certificate" key track "Summer Vacation"
26.J.B.'s "Food For Thought" key track "the grunt"
25.Sly and the family stone "Stand" key track: "Sex Machine"
24.Zapp "Zapp" key track: "more bounce to the ounce"
23.Jesse Johnsons Revue "Jesse Johnsons Revue" key track: "Special Love"
22.Meshell N'Degeocello "Peace Beyond Passion" key track: "god shiva"
21.Prince "goldexperience" key track "Eye Hate U"
20.Jimi Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" key track: "Who Knows"
19.Grant Green "Blue Breakbeats" key track: "ain't it funky now"
18.Jamariquai "Synkhronized" key track: "Black Capricorn Day"
17.Funkadelic "Electric Spanking of War Babies" key track "Electro Cuties"
16.The Coup "Party Music" key track "Nowalaters"
15.Graham Central Station "ain't no bout a doubt it" key track: "Water"
14.Prince "Dirty Mind" key track: "Head"
13.Bob Sinclar "Paradise" key track: "Disco 2000 Selector"
12.Sons of Allmighty "the great Tribulation" key track: "Save me"
11.Prince "The Rainbow Children" key track: "The everlasting now"
10.Stevie Wonder "Songs In The Key of Life" key track: "As"
09.Graham Central Station "Graham Central Station" key track: "Hair"
08.The Time "Ice Cream Castles" key track: "My Drawers"
07.Herbie Hancock "Headhunters" key track: "Chameleon"
06.Stevie Wonder "Talking Book" key track: "Superstition"
05.Graham Central Station "Release Yourself" key track: "I Believe in You"
04.Prince "Sign of The Times" key track: "Strange Relationship"
03.James Brown "Revolution of the Mind" key track: "Escapism"
02. Prince "1999" key track: "D.M.S.R."
01. Sly & The Family Stone "There's a Riot Goin' On" key track: "Poet"