50 Funkiest Albums 50-41

Here it is..the first ten of my 50 funkiest albums. I'm going to post 10 a day starting with 50-41.

50. Eagles of Death Metal "Love,Peace,Death Metal" Key track: "Whorehoppin"
49. Playgroup "Playgroup" key track: "Number One"
48. Graham Central Station "Mirror" key track: "Do Yah"
47. Nikka Costa "Everybody got there somethin'" key track: "Like a Feather"
46. Pharoah Sanders "Karma" key track: "The Creator Has a Masterplan"
45. Miles Davis "In a Silent Way" key track: "the Ghetto Walk"
44. Digital Underground "Future Rhythm" key track: "Hella Bump"
43. Steve Arrington "Steve Arringtons Hall of Fame" key track "you meet my.."
42. Prince "Come" key track: "Race"
41. Betty Davis "Anti-Love Song" key track "Anti-Love Song"