Valleyfarm and a big morning

Valleyfair was fantastic. I forgot how frigging fun that place is. Went on everything and had a great time. Afterwards, me and cody had a beer with our boss. Kind of awkward kind of fun. Got home and a minature pool party was going on. Got tired of it and me and April hit a farm party and jumped on a trampoline. Good times. Saw the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" at the Lagoon with Peet and Cody. I can easily say that it is somewhere in my top 5 funniest movies of all time. I want to see it again. Got home from work this morning and saw my roomate Jeff standing in the doorway with the largest tattoo ever on his forearm!! Turns out he went to the bar and got quite tipsy and his friend came up with the idea to go get tattoos. I couldn't believe my eyes. Makes me want to go get another one right now. Can't believe I have to work tonight while everyone is sitting in lawn chairs, eating barbecue, and drinking mad beers. Oh well, at least it's time and a half pay and they're ordering us pizza. It just might be degrassi. And oh yeah, Prince put up a virtual b-side for his new single for download on his site...www.npgmusicclub.com/musicology if your interested in downloading. The track is called "the United States of Division" Gotta say I was kind of iffy because of the title but this track is actually pretty damn funky. The new NPG is quite good thanks to the drumming of John Blackwell. Thats all for now.