boycott moore

After being a huge Nader supporter for the last couple elections, Michael Moore has climbed into his new hollywood friend's arses and decided to support Kerry and tell all Nader voters to vote for Kerry. The same Michael Moore who bashed Kerry in the last election for being the strongest supporter to not let Nader debate. You can read the full article at www.votenader.org. Nader even wrote him an open letter and Hollywood Michael never responded. I am urging everyone not to see Fareinheit 911 especially after the article in the the Minneapolis Star Tribune last Sunday where the Minnesota politician Moore interviews in his movie about signing up his children for the war got Moores film company to print the entire interview he had with them. In the movie he cuts out almost the entire interview to make the politician look like a fool, but in the actual interview that never made it in the movie, the politician talks with Moore and says he voted against the war and agreed with him. Moores a facist manipulater. If you want to buy a DVD copy of the awful truth season one, give me a ring cuz mine is for sale. In the words of my friend Johanna, I'm so through with him.