Back to the Rocking Horse

Got some motivation on the first day of my 3 days off from work and did some job searching. One might not count, but I applied for a management position at my recent job. No not the farm, the other one. I had to get reccomended by my boss to apply and surprisingly I did! That job would be great and I'd probably get every other weekend off and I might actually work during the day. The other job I have to call at 8 am this morning to find out if they're still hiring but it's for a Office and Marketing Associate at a graphics place. I meet almost all the requirements and they want someone who's worked in the graphics industry and the best part is they are open during the day with weekends off! Just the place i'm looking for. Foreston fun days is a week from Friday and it will be the best time ever I am betting. We have a large crew going up this year and the street dance isn't going to know what hit it. Can't wait to drink beers again at 8am with the mayor and Ando's pops. No word on if my dad will make the trip even though everyone keeps asking me. In weird news, I went to okayplayer.com to read music news and someone posted a video of Glen Danzig getting knocked out by a big bald dood. I don't know what i'm going to do with my 3 days off. One day might involve shaving my head. The last time I did that was in November but it's summer now and it might feel good. We'll see.